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Lindy Fishing Tackle is a brand within the PRADCO-Fishing family which includes historic names known to every angler such as Little Joe, Thill, Cotton Cordell, Bandit, Smithwick, Bomber, YUM and Booyah just to name a few. Lindy Fishing Tackle is a legendary brand in northern based fishing circles. While being the creator of the original Lindy Rig, which has arguably caught more walleyes that any other presentation, Lindy continues to grow their innovative product offerings today with products including the Lil’ Guy, The Lindy Jig and Live Bait Jig as well as ice fishing lures including the Rattln’ Flyer Spoon, the Glow Spoon and Glow Streak as well as the often copied Frostee Jigging Spoon. As part of the original Lindy family, Thill Premium Balsa Floats are the #1 selling balsa float in the world and Little Joe, widely recognized by its iconic logo, continues to manufacture iconic spinner rigs like the time tested Red Devil Spinner. If you fish for any species in the northern half of the United States, you have undoubtedly caught fish using the Lindy family of products.

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